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Life at Westhorpe Hall

"Westhorpe Hall's comprehensive administrative practices cover every aspect of a resident's time
with us."

A comprehensive but flexible admin system keeps our residents comfortable and contented. Further, as a resident's conditions change, so too does Westhorpe Hall's response.

Keyworker assigned

Over and above the 24-hour care and support by our dedicated staff team, every resident has a named person, a keyworker, assigned to them, maintaining close contact with them and their families or representatives. The key worker supports them and sees to their individual needs, for instance purchasing personal toiletries when required.

Joining us at Westhorpe Hall

We are aware that making a decision about moving into residential care is never easy, so we guide you through every aspect of the admissions process:

Acquaintance visits

Anyone thinking of respite or a permanent residency at Westhorpe Hall, is encouraged to spend a few days with us beforehand, to better appreciate the services we provide.

Care and social needs assessment

Prior to a resident being admitted to Westhorpe Hall, the Manager or one of the Senior Care team will always undertake an initial assessment of that particular resident's care and social needs.

Detailed assessment on admission

Once an admission date has been confirmed a more detailed assessment of needs will be undertaken.

Support Plan provision

Every resident has their own personal Support Plan outlining their care and specific social needs and showing how the staff of Westhorpe Hall will meet those needs.


This plan is a working document and so is under continual review to ensure that care and support remains appropriate as a resident's needs change. The review is conducted with all interested parties - the resident and/or their family or through the independent advocacy service. All involved in this review process receive a copy of this plan.

We also maintain a record of daily care notes where information is handed over to staff on a shift-by-shift basis. The Support Plan may be updated from the discussions during these meetings.

There are formal reviews of the Support Plan at the following times:

  • Monthly by Keyworker
  • Quarterly by Manager
  • 6 Monthly by Manager
  • Annually by Manager

Family contact

Family, relatives and friends or representatives are encouraged to visit regularly or, when visiting is not possible, maintain contact by other means such as web cams or personal blogs operated via this website. Staff will assist residents with telephone calls and letter writing where this may be required.

Visitors are welcome at all reasonable times and are asked to make themselves known at reception and to sign the visitors book, then log out when they depart.

We listen

We are committed to improving the quality of our facilities and services and undertake regular audits to highlight any shortcomings, plus we hold regular reviews with residents and, if necessary, their carers/independent advocates. Further we encourage residents and/or their families/representatives to inform us of any respect in which we can make improvements.

As we want everyone to be satisfied with all aspects of our services, Three Arches Care Ltd is committed to ensuring that all interested parties are fully consulted about matters that are significant to the running of Westhorpe Hall, or about matters that might affect resident's general wellbeing or quality of life.

Complaints and Protection

Complaints can be made through any of the staff you feel most comfortable talking to and they in turn will duly inform the Manager of these concerns.

Giving guidance

Selecting the right care home can be a complex and difficult choice. We recognise this and that is why we help everyone by providing guidance about all the financial issues, like CHC funding, and legal matters such as appointees or Court of Protection and lasting power of attorney (LPA) that may arise when arranging a care package, especially for those residents suffering from dementia.

Fees & Contract Terms and Conditions

Fees cover a single private occupancy with full board and lodging, household bills, laundry on the premises and 24-hour care support. They are charged on a weekly basis using a daily scale and are payable in advance. Fees are reviewed at the beginning of each financial year.

When people move into the Hall they have one month built into their occupancy agreement to decide whether this is the home that they wish to adopt as their new place of residence.

Full terms and conditions are available on application.

For full details of Westhorpe Hall's administrative procedures download our administration information sheet (pdf, 235kb),
or all of them.

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Enquiries: 01449 781691

Westhorpe Hall, Westhorpe, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 4SS