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For more details on Westhorpe Hall's facilities, services and administrative matters, you can download a set of information sheets:

Download our Westhorpe Hall Summary leaflet (pdf, 500kb)

Download our Welcome to Westhorpe Hall brochure (pdf, 950kb)

Download our 'Service Users' Guide', a complete set of
nine information sheets (pdf, 1.6mb)


Or download each sheet separately:

1. Westhorpe Hall's aims (pdf, 280kb)

2. Westhorpe Hall's offer & FAQ's (pdf, 340kb)

3. Facilities (pdf, 300kb)

4. Services (pdf, 250kb)

5. Administration (pdf, 235kb)

6. The Care Act (pdf, 450kb)

7. Westhorpe Hall and history (pdf, 280kb)

8. Westhorpe Hall and nature (pdf, 390kb)

9. Working or volunteering with us (pdf, 320kb)

10. Finding us (pdf, 300kb)

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Enquiries: 01449 781691

Westhorpe Hall, Westhorpe, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 4SS