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"An established residential care home, with a strong connection to the land."

Westhorpe Hall is probably unique in the UK care field in not only occupying a fascinating place in England's history, but also in providing the elderly with a beneficial link to the English countryside.

The access we can provide to the natural world at Westhorpe is potentially extremely valuable to our Hall residents.

Wildlife Calendar and Lodge Farm’s
farming year

All of these images were taken in and around
Lodge Farm.























Why this countryside connection matters

The health benefits of contact with Nature are now well attested. Spending time connected to the natural world reduces stress levels, quietens the mind, improves concentration (a valuable asset if we are to contend with dementia) and leaves people happier, calmer and more contented.

At Westhorpe Hall we believe, unusually in the care field, that allowing our residents secure access to Lodge Farm and its wildlife can be beneficial for them. Contact with Nature is therefore valuable. This, plus our serene surroundings, for countryside views have stress-reducing effects as well, means our residents are contented too.


This is why, alongside the usual range of elderly activities we arrange at Westhorpe Hall, we also offer seasonal trips to natural features around the farm, providing ample opportunities to encounter its wildlife.


Westhorpe Hall's Nature activities

Throughout the year we find ways for our residents to touch Nature and benefit from the calm it can introduce into their lives. From year-round feeding of our garden birds within the moated area of the Hall's grounds, to 'live-cam' feeds from our nesting Barn Owls or Kestrels, or to see the increasingly rare Grey Partridge and witness feeding of farmland birds over the winter. There are also seasonal trips to the wild flower meadow we have created. Plus visits to our rejuvinated ponds,
where we are encouraging rare Great Crested Newts to breed.


Download our Westhorpe Hall 'Nature' information sheet
(pdf, 390kb), or all of them.


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Enquiries: 01449 781691

Westhorpe Hall, Westhorpe, Stowmarket, Suffolk IP14 4SS